The worst miss of the year by Nahikari García

Nahikari García misses when it was easier to score

Nahikari García is the captain of her team, a lethal attacker and shares the record for the most appearances in a continental youth national-team final (4). But she also has another dubious record –  the worst miss of the year.  This is from the U19 women’s Euro Final between France and Spain in Senec, Slovakia. This is from about halfway through added time and Spain is down 2-1 and everything is on the line. Spain is wearing white. There’s more I could tell you but it wouldn’t matter much. Just watch.

You should watch again.  This time, focus on the bottom right corner.  The girl whose shot was saved the first time collapses in hyperbolic disbelief. It’s as though the embarrassment from the miss is too much to bear.

In her defense,  this could have been water polo. The pitch was so water-logged that if probably played a role in her misjudging her kick. But then again, that was some miskick. It was almost harder to miss.  Dare I say it, we may have found the female incarnation of Higuain. Or at least one in training.

Poor Nahikari! She also missed a penalty earlier in the game. France prevailed 2-1 and won their 4th title. Hopefully Nahikari puts this game behind her and focuses on becoming a better player.

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